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Driver profile - Kenneth Dummer

Surname: Kenneth Dummer
Join date: 2014.02.18. 21:53
Last time online: 2014.03.02. 22:16
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom

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Kenneth Dummer's PRO Ranks

PRO Rank Position TotalRankTime Ranked Times
Formula Abarth #451 6:01:43.581 1/7
All Round #709 9:01:34.483 1/10
McLaren GT3 #500 6:01:50.860 1/7
Exos 125 S1 # - /7

Kenneth Dummer's Events

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Kenneth Dummer's Hotlaps

Date Rank Track / Car Laptime Delta from WR P Assists Info
2014.03.02. 22:16 #608 Monza 1966 / Lotus Type 49 1:34.483 +0:07.089 108.11% P
2014.02.24. 22:38 #337 Vallelunga / Formula Abarth 1:43.581 +0:12.345 113.53% P
2014.02.21. 17:55 #266 Mugello / MP4-12C GT3 1:50.860 +0:06.019 105.74% P
2014.02.18. 23:20 #17 drag 1000m / MP4-12C GT3 0:24.119 +0:04.231 121.27%

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Kenneth Dummer Stats

4 Personal Track Records recorded by Kenneth Dummer with RSR Live Timing

82 laps recorded by Kenneth Dummer with RSR Live Timing

576 km recorded by Kenneth Dummer with RSR Live Timing

Most used cars by Kenneth Dummer

car number of personal records with this car
MP4-12C GT3 2
Lotus Type 49 1
Formula Abarth 1

Most used tracks by Kenneth Dummer

track number of driver personal records with this track
Vallelunga 1
Mugello 1
drag 1000m 1
Monza 1966 1