Radiators Champ

First event of the Open Wheel Series 2013.01

F1600 @ Crema RSR Sector 1

Prequalification already started and will go on until the racing day. Live timing is already active on our server.
Prequalification results will determine the groups.

To take part of the race please register to the championship and place your allocation for the race.

Thursday 20.06.2013:
Qualification: 20 minutes
Race 1: 9 laps
Race 2: 23 laps

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After few months without official races, we decided to have some more fun with one more championship with netKar PRO: Open Wheel 2013.01
6 events, with 3 different cars: Formula 1600, Formula 2000 and Formula Target.
Each event will consist in 2 races, one short and one long. Before each race we will have a prequalification with live timing for a week to create groups for the official event.

As usual you can create your own team, or just join the DEFAULT-Radiators-champ Team. Just go in your Control Center, press Start Driving, and select the right team.

If you want to use your custom skin, please put a link here.

Here is the calendar:
2 events with the F1600, Crema and Aosta,
2 events with the F2000, Imola and Brno
2 events with the FTarget, Zandvoort and Mugello
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Fulvio is keeping on working on this old time supermodel. Find more on our forum

Let's have some fun on the coming Thursday. A nice endurance race at Interlagos with the Formula 2000.

Here is the schedule: 25 April 2013
21:00 CET chat for the briefing
20 min qualification
38 laps race (pit stop will be needed)

To take part to the race just write your name in our forum discussion.
No needs to registration on GPCOS to keep it simple.