Radiators Champ

3rd car unveiled and huge improvements on the implementation of the rain. Storms, rain drop on the visor.


Enjoy this amazing video of the Osella on the mountain street of Trento Bordone under the rain! 
It was complex enough to drive already without the rain ;)

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- New sound mod for ks2

- wav files from wolferl from his original scc prototype soundpack for Rfactor.( www.rfactorcentral.com under addons)

- Engine.nke tweaks by Albert McSaltens. Thanks to Andrea Lojelo for the trick to allow different onboard and external 


We hope you like it.

The package include a backup of the original engine.nke (nk12/cars/formulaks2/sfx/engine.nke).

In case you dont like it, delete the engineINT.nke and engine.nke, and rename the backup of the engine_BACKUP.nke into 


Installation: Extract it into nkpro folder/cars/formulaks2/ 

General Informations on the KS2 Series updated.

Some IMPORTANT RULES changed from the first race. Please read it carefully.