Radiators Champ



Second event of our KS2 Championship: Barcelona 2010

Here is the schedule:
Meeting point: Website Chat: 21:00 CET (GTM+1)
Briefing: 21:15
Stay in pit session: 5 minutes (in this session you must stay in pit)
Qualify: 30 min
Race 1: 12 laps
Warmup 5 minutes
Race 2: 28 laps (inverted grid for the first 6 drivers)

Groups will be based on the classification of the allocated drivers.

Check here the Entry List

Please make sure you are allocated for the race. Check here how to do it.

Groups will change dynamically with the allocations.
Please make sure that you don't have double allocations for the same track.
In case you want to edit your status, just press EDIT instead of creating a new one. This will create issues, and a bit of overhead for me to fix it, so please be careful.

Make sure you have your allocation at least 1 day before the race. This will help us organizing servers properly.

For this race also all groups will use RSRPoints_B_C distribution points.
From next race on groups will use different distibution points.


Check our forum fro more details


A new Muscle car is coming for netKar PRO.

someone says that "it's the funniest car to drive in netKar PRO now, and it's still far to be completed."

Looking at the video it's easy to understand way!


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Ks2 Series is officially started. Our first event on the schedule, is completed.

2 wonderful races at Melbourne. A lot of drivers, great fun.


Check here the results.


Mugello Radiator Springs Racing v1.0



Check here for more details and pictures