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Skinpack Formula KS2 Series 2010.04 v.1.0 released.


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Enjoy this wonderful video from the most popular show on simracing: Inside Sim Racing.


Two nice segments on the KS2. A very nicest surprise for our website also. Our team and website was mentioned also.

Thanks a lot!

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Welcome to the first official event of the Formula K2 Series: Melbourne
We are glad that a lot of drivers subscribed for our championship. Thanks a lot to everyone for choosing us.
To have a good champioship, we need your help though! We want clean races, and respectful drivers. 
We expect that everyone will stick to our rules, and will avoid aggressive driving and flames on track and forum.

Here is the schedule:
Meeting point: Website Chat: 21:00 CET (GTM+1)
Briefing: 21:15
Stay in pit session: 5 minutes (in this session you 
Qualify: 30 min
Race 1: 11 laps
Warmup 5 minutes
Race 2: 25 laps (inverted grid for the first 6 drivers)

IMPORTANT NOTE: you don't have to disconnect between Race1 and Race 2.

We will race in groups based on drivers performance (not only based on their laptime, but most important, on their behaviour on track. We will check automatically what happen on our servers).
We will let you know more details about groups for the first event later on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we will allow people to race only if you are allocated for the race.
Please do it as soon as possible because it will help us planning the right amount of servers.
Check here how to do it



More informations on our forum

cctv on nkpro


Server updated to the new version (auto-update netKar PRO v1.2 "C"). 
As I said before, we suggested Kunos to enhance the client/server communication to log more informations.
We are now working with Fulvio "Gek" on an analyser that will help us undestanding what is going on our server.

So everyone is warned: we are controlling you on every single race on our servers!
Please be careful, drive safely, avoid contacts, respect blue flags.

We will use this informations to take decisions for our championship. We want to have clean races and respectful drivers. 
People that behave wildly will be banned from our championships or will be suspended for some races.

Server aggiornati alla nuova versione (auto-update netKar PRO v1.2 "C").
Come anticipato, abbiamo proposto a Kunos dei migliorameti nella comunicazione client/server per inserire nei log maggiori informazioni.
Con Fulvio "Gek", stiamo creando un analizzatore che ci permettera' di capire cosa succede nei nostri server. 

Quindi ,siete tutti avvisati: vi controlleremo in ogni singola gara sui nostri server!
Per favore siate accorti, guidate con prudenza, evitate i contatti, rispettate le bandiere blu.

Useremo tutte queste informazioni per prendere decisioni sul nostro campionato. Vogliamo gare pulite e piloti rispettosi. 
Piloti che si comprorteranno in maniera non opportuna saranno esclusi dal campionato, o saranno sospesi per alcune gare.