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In few days it will be our Gallardo first birthday: 1 year from the release.
To celebrate its birthday we decided to organize a special event at A1-Ring with the Gallardo.
Here is the schedule:
Thurday 28th March 2013 at 21:00 CET (GTM+1)
short briefing in our forum chat
Qualification: 20 minutes
Race 1: 9 laps
Race 2: 15 laps

We want to keep it simple, so will have require no registration for this event. 
To help us out with the organization, and to plan the right amount of servers, please, write here in this topic if you want to race with us.
Please use your real name here in the forum.
On Thurday at 21:00, just show up here in our chat and we will give all the information to join our server.
The race server will be with password on Thursday and the password will be provided during the briefing in our chat.

Our practice server is already up and with Live Timing.

You can use the utilityJump2nkp to join the server from the Online Server List

Download the track here
Download the car here
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RSR Live Time: new version v0.9.9_002 released

  • Redesign of the application internal flow to improve performance and error detection.
  • App not working anymore in practice mode were is possible to record a lap cutting off road.
  • Implemented Messaging System to inform about new versions or other important informations.
  • The app is now also recording informations about controller used, driving aids, and other parameters.
  • Live Timing Guide: added section "Common problems and resolutions"
  • Website updates: driving aids added. fixed small issues.
All Lap times has been resetted due to the possibility to do an invalid lap recorded in practice mode.

We will keep on working on the website in the next period to display all the informations gathered by the app, and to add more functionalities and statistics.



Go to Live Timing

Assetto Corsa Technology Preview v.0.9.9 is out




  • Fixed high spike % due to incorrect thread synchronization
  • Fixed car remaining on gas when returning to pits
  • New system to avoid redundant calls to DirectInput (thanks Fredric!)

User Interface

  • Potential fix for the laggy launcher UI after returning from a session
  • More debbuging output during the controller configuration screen
  • Further .ini validation and formatting on launch
  • Fix for kmh/mph unit selection


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It's finally time to Go Live!
Here is Radiator Springs Racing Team's first app for AC: RSR Live Timing

Check our website to download the app, check the installation guide and see the live timing results.

More information on our forum