Radiators Champ

Few days ago we reached a very nice goal: 10.000 downloads for our Imola track. 
To celebrate our achievement we decided to go back on track with netKar PRO and organize a special event at Imola with the F2000.
Here is the schedule:
Thurday 7th March 2013 at 21:00 CET (GTM+1)
short briefing in our forum chat
Qualification: 20 minutes
Race 1: 8 laps
Race 2: 16 laps

We want to keep it simple, so will have require no registration for this event. 
To help us out with the organization, and to plan the right amount of servers, please, write here in this topic if you want to race with us.
Please use your real name here in the forum.
On Thurday at 21:00, just show up here in our chat and we will give all the informations to join our server.
The race server will be with password on Thursday and the password will be provided during the briefing in our chat.

Our practice server is already up and with Live Timing.


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Assetto Corsa New build 0.9.8!
The latest build, amongst other things, improves some graphics features, guarantees a better compatibility with old control devices and adds 18 official Lotus liveries. More information about the changes of this version are available on the change log.

Here is the official page

RSR download Mirror



Radiator Spring Racing Team thanks you all for helping us reaching this amazing achievement: 10.000 downloads for our Imola.

Congratulations to Mauro Delega' king for the wonderful work he did on this track, completely created from scratch, all alone on 3d and textures.

To celebrate it properly we decided to go back on track with a special event on the coming Thursday, 7 March. More information will follow. 

Radiator Springs Racing Research and Develpment team is currently working on their first app for AC: RSR Live Time.
The aim of our app is to bring a fair and clean live hotlap competition to Assetto Corsa Technology Preview.
Here is a screenshot of our new app:


This is just one of the initiatives that our team is working on. We are also working on our website/forum to be ready for Assetto Corsa v1.0.

More information on our forum