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This is the official Radiator Springs Racing rulebook. All rules, regulations and guidelines are listed in this document.  All drivers must read and accept these rules before participating in any official RSR event. Failure to do so will result in disqualification of the participant. Its purpose is to guide you through the process of registering, preparing and competing within RSR's championships, as well as explaining  the penalties which can be applied for certain infringements.


The following headings are listed in order of requirement.


1.1 Site / Forum Registration

1.2 GPCOS & Control Center

1.3 Entering a Championship

1.4 Event Preperation

1.5 Pre-event information

1.6 Race information, rules and guidelines

1.7 Post-event information

1.8 Punishments & Penalties Overview


1.5 Pre-event information

Drivers participating in an event must join the RSR Chat 30 minutes prior to the event starting (typically 20:00GMT / 21:00CET, unless notified otherwise on the forum thread). There will be a short briefing where admins will point out specific rules and guidelines for that particular race. This also gives drivers the chance to ask questions and recieve final words before the race beings. The servers go live at 20:15GMT / 21:15CET which is stated by the admins: "SERVERS NOW LIVE". Please join your allocated server. You can find your group under the "Entry List" and passwords are located on the Control Centre's homepage. User's who race on the wrong server will be disqualified.

The server starts with a 5 minute "PRACTISE SESSION". This time is to allow all drivers to connect to the server. No driver is allowed to move but you are allowed to chat. Qualification will then be followed by the race.

The server closes connections to new clients once the race starts. In the unfortunate event of a disconnection during qualifying, simply rejoin the server and carry on, however this will not be the case during the race. This reason is to stop distractions and the small pause bug when people join the server.




1.6 Race information, rules and guidelines


The rulebook comes into effect without any exception at all official RSR events. Special rules may be added or modified for single events in addition to this rulebook. These will be announced on the forum thread before the race.



In case of a crash in the first 5 corners of the event, RSR Marshals will review the incident and penalize the driver(s) that caused the incident. This is called the "red zone". The penalty for causing a crash in the red zone will be a 6 point deduction. Exceptions may be made in outstanding circumstances.

In case of a crash outside the red zone, drivers are free to "Escape to Pits" to fix their cars. There is no penalty for this action.



Chatting is strictly prohibited in all sessions apart from "STAY IN PIT". This it to reduce to chance of drivers being distracted. All drivers must finish the race before the chat window is open. A 1 point penalty deduction will be applied for every line of chat.



Flags must be obeyed at all times.

  • Blue Flag - A faster car is approaching at the rear. Move over as soon as possible, when it is safe to do so.
  • Yellow Flag - An incident has occured ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop.

Failure to abide by these flags will result in a 2 point deduction.


Pit Entry and Exit

NetKar-PRO uses an automatic pit speed limiter. Drivers must slow down to the pit limiter speed (79km/h) before entering the pitlane. Drivers have 1 warning before a 2 point penalty is applied if they speed in the pitlane.

Drivers must NOT cross the white lines on the pit exit. This is to reduce the chance of pulling out in front of a faster travelling car and causing a collision. There will be a 2 point penalty for any driver caught disobeying this rule.


Corner Cutting

Corner cutting is strictly forbidden. In any case of a driver overtaking another by cutting a corner, the position must be given back at the earliest and safest opportunity.  Two tyres must be inbetween the track's white lines at all times, unless stated otherwise. The punishment for cutting lines / corners and gaining an advantage is 5 points.


Overtaking & Defending

An overtaking manouvre should be well prepared in order to reduce the risk of a collision and sufficient room must be left (by both drivers) in order to make a clean and fair pass. A defending driver may only make ONE defensive move, proceeding to stay on that line and not weave about afterwards. The attacking driver may attack as many times as he likes. This rule does not apply on the first lap.

The driver entering the corner on the racing line has the right to that corner. The opposing driver must take appropriate action to reduce a collision at all times. In case of an incident, the replay will be viewed and appropriate action will be taken after the race.



Setups may be loaded at any time during the event.


1.7 Post-event information

Once the event is finished, replays are saved and uploaded to the forum thread. Most people tend to write a post-race analysis and communicate with other drivers about their experience.


Incident reports are dealt with in a serious way. If you feel you need to report a driver, E-Mail the race Administrator with the following information:


Your Name

Event and Track

Other Drivers Involved

A small paragraph describing the situation.


You will be replied to in a short time.


1.8 Punishments & Penalties Overview



Additional Information


1 point per line


Red Zone Collision

6 points deduction

Max 6 point penalty based on severity. Reviewed by marshals after race

Disobeying Flags

3 points deduction


Pit Speeding

2 points deduction

Drivers have 1 chance before penalty is applied

Weaving & Blocking

4 points penalty

Making more than 1 defensive move

Causing an avoidable collision

2 - 5 points

Incident will be viewed after race and penalty will be applied accordingly. Max 5 points deduction.

Illegal software disqualification It's prohibited to use any script, or any other alteration of the software to go faster.
Anything that is considered against the fair play might lead to a disqualification from one or event.