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Registration Walkthrough

The following headings are listed in order of requirement.

1.1 Site / Forum Registration

1.2 GPCOS & Control Center

1.3 Entering a Championship

1.4 Event Preperation

1.5 Pre-event information

1.6 Race information, rules and guidelines

1.7 Post-event information

1.8 Punishments & Penalties Overview

1.1 Site / Forum Registration

Registration to the Radiator Springs website and forum must first be completed. You are required to be present on the RSR database before entering any event or championship. Please click here to register to our Website and here to register to our ForumPlease use your real name (Forename / Surname). Before registering to our Forum, please accept the terms of use before creating your account.


Once the form is complete, an E-Mail should appear in your inbox with an activation link. Registration will be accepted once this link has been activated.


1.2 GPCOS & Control Center

Radiator Springs Racing utilises GPCOS - an online league management system which is integrated into the website. This means complete access and utilisation is accessible within the website itself. At the heart of GPCOS is the Control Center - a dynamic system which allows you to:

- View personal profiles and statistics which include total races entered, podiums, fastest laps, total and current championship points, trophies won, etc,

- View, register and manage teams and drivers in a specific championship,

- Access information about different championships - schedules, rules, driver / team standings, official race results and more,

- Allocate to an official race and view the entry list,

- Download custom tracks, modifications and more (see event preperation)

and much more!



1.3 Entering a Championship

Once registration is complete and you are familiar with the Control Center, you are now ready to register yourself in a championship. A list of current championships are shown at the bottom of the Control Center homepage where you may enter yourself or team. By maintaining a team request, you will be added to that championship once accepted by the Administrators. You may now add yourself (and your teammate) into your registered team. If you are a single driver, please enter yourself in the "DEFAULT-Radiators-Champ Team".


1.4 Event Preperation

Having been successful with registering to a championship, you may now allocate for a race once the correct preperation procedures have been done.

To allocate for an event, simply login to the GPCOS system and navigate your way to "Allocations" under the "Series" tab on the RSR homepage. You may allocate to as many races as you wish. Please keep an eye on the entry list as to what server you will race on. Note - the entry list updates constantly so please make a final check before entering the server (See pre-event). Server passwords are in the Control Center.

(Please note: Failure to show up for a race (even though allocated) will result in a 3  point penalty, unless removing yourself from the entry list or contacting an admin 6 hours before the event starts. We understand certain circumstances may arise, in which case certain exceptions may be made.)


In order to help you prepare for an event, Radiator Springs Racing have teamed up with MaiDireCamber Racing and - two community fuelled websites which offer vasts amount of information regarding car setups, skins, tutorials, tips, modifications and more. RSR also have a wide range of downloads in our Downloads section.

If you decide to run a personal skin in a championship, please make sure you upload it to the correct forum thread, located here. Your car number (found in the "Teams and Drivers" tab) will be listed there and must be present on your skin. Any updates or changes you make must be uploaded to the forum thread. You must not use any other personal team or driver's skin without permission.

7 days before the official event is to take place, a forum thread will be created by the series Administrator. This allows a pre-race discussion to take place where special information about the race will be described as well as asking questions if you are unsure about anything. Basic information (such as date / time and track) will be supplied under the specific championship schedule.

Real-time weather will be used for the races unless stated otherwise. A small embed of the track's live weather will be present on the forum thread. Please make sure you check this on a regular basis as to avoid preparing for a dry or wet race.

Before the race starts, please ensure you have a stable internet connection as to not disrupt other users on the server. Please close all programs which may intefere with your internet connection. It is recommended (but not required) to use a cable over Wi-Fi for race events.