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General Rules

Please check your group in the Entry List and proceed to the correct server. Passwords are in the Control Center.
Before you join, please make sure you have a stable connection and disable any software or hardware that may intefere with your connection / race. 

The event shall consist of four stages:
1- "Stay in Pit". This is a 5 minute session which allows people to connect to the server.
2- "Qualification". A 20 minute session where drivers shall put in their fastest time to determine their starting grid position.
3- "Warmup". 5 minutes which allows drivers to warm their tyres up. 
4- "Race". 

Important: You may only load your setup during the sessions: "Stay in pit", the first minute in "Qualification" and "Warmup". At no other time will you be allowed to load your setup. 

If any technical problems occur, drivers may reconnect during stage 1,2. However their qualification time will be reset and they will have to put another time in.
Driver's are NOT allowed to reconnect during the race. The server will disallow new connections.

You may ONLY chat during session 1 and 3. Anyone caught chatting in stage 2 and 4 will be penalized.

The whole event will be in Full Mode conditions.
The point of Full Mode is to simulate real-life racing conditions. For this reason, you are not allowed to reconnect to the server to repair your car if damaged. 
Please remember, pressing "Esc > Go to box" will assign yourself a 10 minute penalty. You will have to drive to the box to repair, refuel or change tyres.
If you have an accident and damage your car to a point where its undrivable, please don't sit on the track or try to drive to the pits. Do the sensible thing and Esc to box to avoid more crashes.

During warmup sessions, you are free to press "Esc > Go to box" without a time penalty.

You must, at all times, obey flags:
Blue flag - There is a faster car approaching to the rear and you MUST let them by within 3 corners. 
Yellow flag - An accident has occurred in your sector. Slow down and be prepared to stop.

To reduce weaving and possible collisions, drivers may only make ONE defensive move between each straight. For example, if driver "a" has the inside line, they may switch to the outside to block. This is classed as a single move. Driver "b" may attack as many times as he likes.

The 5 corner rule:
It is important to pay special attention in the first part of the race where all cars are close to each other. For this reason, we define the first 5 corners the "red zone". 
The responsibility of all drivers is to avoid incidents in the "red zone", which can result in massive concequences. Therefore we expect all participants to take special care in this zone.
Starts must be as clean and incident-free as possible. Remember, the finish line is not at the first turn. Drivers must act wisely and drive safely for themself and for the other participants.

Remember, this is a gentleman championship and every driver is expected to obey these simple rules. We want clean and fair races. Anybody caught violating these rules will be punished accordingly.


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