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After few months without official races, we decided to have some more fun with one more championship with netKar PRO: Open Wheel 2013.01
6 events, with 3 different cars: Formula 1600, Formula 2000 and Formula Target.
Each event will consist in 2 races, one short and one long. Before each race we will have a prequalification with live timing for a week to create groups for the official event.

As usual you can create your own team, or just join the DEFAULT-Radiators-champ Team. Just go in your Control Center, press Start Driving, and select the right team.

If you want to use your custom skin, please put a link here.

Here is the calendar:
2 events with the F1600, Crema and Aosta,
2 events with the F2000, Imola and Brno
2 events with the FTarget, Zandvoort and Mugello