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Radiator Springs Racing Research and Development team is really proud to present the new, upgraded version of the RSR Live Timing.
The aim of the RSR Live Timing App is to bring a fair, clean, live hotlap competition to Assetto Corsa.

It was not a simple update of the old one, but a complete newly written app, management system and website.

Our new website is collecting statistics on what you do on track, and gives a lot of details of your laps.
This website will be the base for further developments in the upcoming period. Our focus will be not only on having a rank website, but also to host multiplayer online races and championships.
We have already a list of new features we want to include, but suggestions and criticism are welcomed.

The app/website is fully integrated with Assetto Corsa GUI and Steam. So all you need to do is make sure that your personal details are filled in, and go on track.
On the website, logging in with your steam account, you will get an interface personalized for you.

You can find a detailed guide here to show you more details about the application/website.

I take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone involved in the development:
Fulvio "Gek" Genova and Luca Mosca for the initial idea and implementation of the RSR live timing for the TP, and again Fulvio and Andrea Lojelo for the new implementation of the app/management system, Gergo Racz for the website, Giancarlo Graziano for the graphics.
Thanks to Aristotelis Vasilakos and Dom Duhan for their advices, and to the RSR Team and the testing team for their help.

Few notes and know issues:
- APP: Make sure you fill in Name & Surname in your AC GUI. Setting the nickname only will not work at the moment, due to a bug in AC API.
- APP: if you go off track on the tarmac, the app interface will show you green, but underneath, where more strict validation is performed, the lap will be correctly discarded
- WEBSITE Steam Login: in some cases Steam might not recognize your account. In this case try with to put the initial capital letter on your steam account(i.e. if your account is yourSteamAccount, insert YourSteamAccount)

Check our website and download the application and see your laps.