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Radiator Springs Racing Xmas Gift: Crema RSR released

Almost a year ago our team created a file to create a temporary box/grid for Crema.
At that time the only way to do it was manually with a lot of attempts trying to guess the correct position ::doh::

The community discovered this wonderful track, almost unused before, since it was for single mode only.

The track was great but it had a very big problem. The new "box" was nothing more than a strip of tarmac on the side of the track (the only place available), with a very dangerous pit exit on the racing line.

We asked Kunos if our team could work on a newer version of this track, and he agreed.

Mario Gilles worked on it and built a scratch made pitlane full of nice details.

Our new track includes also 2 different configurations for Sector 1 and Sector 2.



Track improvement, layout & 3D Objects:
Mario Gilles


Kunos Simulazioni for the original version, and for the authorization to work on the track.